Living In The World Of Ancient Mythology



   One night, simply by chance, a young hunter by the name of Actaeon, saw Artemis and her nymphs in the woods. Actaeon was mesmerized by the goddess and stood watching her bathe. Artemis was furious! The goddess dipped her hand into the pool and threw a handful of water at Actaeon. As soon as the water touched him, he changed into a stag. His own hounds chased him, and because he could not utter a human word, he was unable to call them off. The hounds brought him down not knowing that the deer was their own master. The goddess picked up her bow and went along hunting with her nymphs. Artemis was indeed a cold and pitiless goddess.

Artemis' Appearance: She was usually depicted as a girl dressed in short knee-length chiton and carried a hunting bow and a quiver of arrows.