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Lost City of Atlantis Videos 

When we are talking about the Lost City of Atlantis, you are probably thinking of Spongebob's episode of it. Below are some videos that go with this topic. Videos help some people because it is visual and it helps them because the narrators talk. The 1st video is about the gods and goddesses that were in Atlantis and some information about Atlantis.
The 2nd video is about how some explorers found some cut grass and remains of what could be Atlantis. They think it is but have to do more research about it. It is a very interesting video.
The 3rd video is the Spongebob Squarepantis Atlantis clip. It is just a short part from the video that is funny. It isn't exactly about atlantis, but since they made a Spongebob Atlantis video, we thought it would make you laugh and persuade you to watch