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According to the Poseidon myths he had a palace under the sea with an enormous stable filled with white horses who pulled his chariot over the ocean. "White horses" is an old expression referring to the white part of a breaking wave. His wife was Amphitrite, a sea nymph and daughter of Nereus and Doris. Before they were married, when Poseidon was courting Amphitrite, she had heard about his bad reputation and hid in the Atlantic Ocean. According to this myth Poseidon sent numerous sea creatures to find her, but they all came back empty handed. Finally, he sent his dolphin out, who found Amphitrite and talked her into coming back with him. Poseidon, as a reward, turned the dolphin into a constellation. Amphitrite had been a major goddess in her own right. Her name means "the third that surrounds". To the Greeks, the sky and land were the first and second things created, the sea was the third. And the sea naturally surrounds the land.

Poseidon’s Appearance: He is depicted like a merman. He carries a trident, that looks like a pitchfork, a three-pointed spear.

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