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Isis, Osiris and his Brother Set

Already in the Old Kingdom fragments of the story of how Osiris was drowned and his body found by his sister-wife Isis, were known. By the Middle Kingdom it is stated that Set is the murderer, and Isis´ impregnated with Horus, the son of Osiris. During the New Kingdom the funerary texts tell of a close connection between the deceased and Osiris, outlining the parts of the story of Osiris.

The most coherent recounting of the myth comes from the Greek historian Plutharch. Please note that there are many additives to the original Egyptian myth, which are however impossible to retrace from Egyptian sources. There are also Greek deities mixed into the story. Below is a version based on Plutharch, for reasons of continuity.

Isis's Appearance: Woman with headdress shaped as a throne. A pair of cow horns with a sun disk.