Living In The World Of Ancient Mythology



After 80 years of a tribunal of the Ennead over who should rule now Osiris is dead (Horus his son or Set his brother) a decision must be made. Isis tricks Seth into judging for Horus but he persuades the gods to allow them to dual. Isis tries to help Horus again but hurts him instead and he cuts her head off. Seth then plucks out Horus eyes and buries them. Hathor heals his eyes with gazelle's milk. Then Seth violates Horus but Isis and Horus together fool Seth into eating some of Horus semen on a lettuce. Seth tells the tribunal he has had Horus, but Horus proves his seed is inside Seth not vice versa. They race in boats then fight again, then write to Osirtis, then fight again. Ths time Horus beats Seth and he is crowned with the white crown and Seth goes with Pre-Harakhti to make thunder in the sky.

Horus’ Appearance: He is represented by a man with a falcon head.